Avantrio Turns 1!

A year ago at a cozy little coffee place “The Commons”, 4 engineers gathered to discuss an idea that has been cooking for a while. At that time we only had a vision, a vision to empower the Sri Lankan services industry with disruptive technologies. The discussion soon turned into an action plan and materialized days after, as a boutique dev studio in Colombo – Avantrio.

We wanted Avantrio to have a clear cut focus in execution and stand out from the already saturated services market. With the internal strengths in play, we picked Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain as our core competencies. At the beginning of 2019, we just had 2 leads at hand, and we were gambling with all our cards on the table.

At Avantrio, we are stubborn engineers. We want every piece of code to be efficient, every build to stable, and every design to be elegant. This, alongside our iron-clad focus on key competencies, we found ourselves constantly shaking our heads to potential leads. Yet, turning back after 12 months we find no regret knowing that we went ahead without compromising our niche.

They say that more than 40% of startups fail in the first year itself. As a fully bootstrapped startup serving for a niche market segment, we truly believe that we lucky to not just survive but to gain explosive growth within the year. Of course, luck had little to do with it and endless work days, nights and expert guidance had played a better part of it. We slowly started to put our brand out there in the local and foreign markets. As a newly born startup, it was not easy to convince our skillset, our capabilities.

After 12 intense months, we believe that we achieved significant growth as a company. Our clientele, although small, is diverse and includes Sri Lanka, North America, Canada, United Kingdom, and France. We cultivated strategic partnerships with promoters in North America, Sweden, and Australia further expanding our global reach. Bridging partnerships with DigitalOcean and IBM are among our key achievements in the past year.

At the 1 year milestone, Avantrio is still a small child learning his way in a vast industry, learning every day just like a neural net in training. When we look back we are proud to see us grow personally alongside our creation. But there’s still a long way to go, and this is just the beginning.

Team Avantrio
28th January 2020